How does E-L-F work?

Click to view this demo video clip on how ELF LED flares work and the various flashing patterns available:

Amber flashing LED FlareLED flares are the new generation safety flare. Older, incendiary flares have their uses but they have a limited shelf life, as indicated by their expiry dates, and if they get wet while stored they won’t work. In contract LED flares are smokeless. This means no risk of fire and they are better for the environment. LED flares are rechargeable and last for many years. ELF units can be used for traffic control, as a warning light or as a rescue beacon. LED flares are waterproof and they float, so these flares are the ultimate watersport safety accessory. LED flares are compact and can stored in small places (Cubby). They are also magnetic and will stick to a car roof, motorbike or any other magnetic surface.

ELF compressed for Document sendingLED flares are versatile and can be used in many emergency situations:

  • Roadside breakdowns: Be-Seen in the dark when it counts whether you are driving a car, bike or truck.
  • Accidents and emergencies: whether you are waiting for the paramedics or you are the emergency services, LED-flares will help you quickly and safely cordon off an area and warn others of danger.
  • Construction sites: alert others to potential risks.
  • Boats, yachts and jet skies: use an LED flare to alert rescue services to your position if you are caught in foul weather or have a mishap. You can also use the flares as port and starboard lights in an emergency. The nine different flashing patterns include Coast Guard approved SoS signal: (Save-our-Soul)
  • Hiking, mountaineering and skiing: alert rescue teams to your position if you get lost. ELF can be seen for up to 1 Km, & can last for up to 30 hours.
ELF brochure pageELF: Emergency LED Flare supplied by S-A-S with 1 yr warranty