About Us: S-A-S

Graham Russell is a Sydney-based safety & security consultant (SLED) with over 15 years experience in the industry. Graham supplies E-L-F LED-Flares through Secure Aware Sydney TM (SAS TM), which is licensed and insured by the relevant statutory bodies in NSW to legally supply most safety & security solutions: (namely SLED and SPAAL).

SAS received its Master License to legally practice security from SLED: Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate of the NSW police. Our SLED Master licence number: #410643877. SAS license is valid with SLED until 24 December 2016.

Graham obtained a Cert-IV in Security Risk Management from the Ultimo TAFE (NSW)

*Click “HERE” to view this TAFE Security Cert-IV Qualification:

Secure AWARE Sydney is a member of  SPAAL, the Security Providers Association of Australia Limited. SAS was audited by SPAAL during 2012. On inspection, S-A-S achieved an enviable  security compliance rating, that is valid until end of 2013.

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