Emergency-LED-Flare: ELF roadside safety beacon

LED Emergency flare emit a strong flashing pulse that attracts emergency services.

ELF in Sydney, the innovative Emergency LED Flare that is the face of WHS and OH&S safety flashing beacons here in Australia. Safety flashing beacons prevent accidents, and are life savers, and conform with Australian WHS laws that have replaced the older OH&S laws. Be seen in the dark. Be bright at night on the road at a construction site or work site. Alert other workers or passers-by that you need help and are under duress when shouting does not help and want help from emergency services (SoS) when in distress in your work vehicle or boat, kayak, family car, motorbike or a mountaineering excursion gone wrong due to mechanical failure or run out of petrol or even the weather turning foul.

ELF: Emergency LED Flares are a bright flashing attractive, highly visible safety, battery operated alternative to incendiary toxic smokey flares. Super bright LED lights have 9x changeable flashing patterns to attract attention, including the internationally recognised SoS mode. ELF is IP67 waterproof and floats. The outer polymer plastic casing is robust enough to be driven over by any truck or bus without any damage. ELF safety roadside hazard beacons have a strong magnetic base design, so ELF easily locks onto any metal surface, including your car rooftop, boot/bonnet & car door. The long lasting 3Volt lithium battery CR123A gives out between 21 hours, up to 40 hours of brilliant LED flashing strobe light pattern.

Choose from any three types of ELF models: ELF-1, ELF-2, ELF-3.

ELF-1: Round ice hockey puck look-alike;

ELF-2: Round puck look-alike with dual AC/DC 220V Wall+Car-Charger;

ELF-3: Handheld foot long baton, with AC/DC 240V Wall+Car Charger.


ELF-1: Safety beacon comes with CR123A battery, but no AC/DC charger.

Type:1 Entry level E-L-F supplied with spare battery.

ELF-1: without charger.

Price: $40. Excl GST.

ELF-1: Non-Rechargeable round beacon uses a standard  camera-style, user-replaceable CR-123A 3Volt Lithium battery. ELF-1 units supplied with CR-123A battery.

1 Yr no-quibble,Back-to-Base carry-in warranty along with your S.A.S. Invoice.


ELF-2: Price: $45. Excl GST.

Type-2 LED Flare supplied with 220 Volt dual car & wall chargers

ELF-2 supplied with AC/DC wall+Car charger

ELF-2: Rechargeable AC/DC 240Volt Wall&Car-Charger supplied free. Rechargeable ELF-2 roadside safety beacon via car cigarette plug. Recharge via LAPTOP or 240 Volt, using USB cable supplied. LED Flare outer shell is made from a robust durable polymer rubber for long lasting use. Robust & Durable & Float. Waterproof (IP-67)

1 yr no-quibble, Carry-in warranty

ELF-3: Price $55. each Excl GST: (Handheld Baton,Footlong design)

ELF-3 LED Flare

ELF-3 LED Flare

ELF LED-beacons sold by S.A.S: Secure-Aware-Sydney:
Australian owned and Sydney operated business.

Registered with Office of FairTrading: S.A.S. ethical business.

For more info contact: Graham Russell
Tel: (02) 8084-8312  *Mobile: 0421-718-277
eMail: LED_Flare@optusnet.com.au


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Type of ELF Model
Option-1: $ 40. AUD, each Excl of GST;
Option-2: $ 45. AUD, each Excl of GST;
Option-3: $ 55. AUD, each Excl of GST.
Type-1 Option 1 ELF-1
Type-2 Option 2 ELF-2
Type-3 Option 3 ELF-3
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